NETGEAR WiFi 6 Wireless Access Point

AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)

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ULTIMATE WIFI 6 PERFORMANCE & COVERAGE- Get wireless coverage for home office and small businesses with AX1800 speed (Dual band up to 600 + 1200 Mbps).

COMPATIBILITY & FUTURE-PROOF - WiFi 6 (802.11ax) is backward compatible with WiFi 5 (802.11ac) and earlier generation devices.

COMPACT AND AFFORDABLE – Ideal for budget-sensitive home offices, dorm rooms, retail shops, conference rooms or small offices with instant deployment and performance. Light and sturdy form factor.

SECURITY - 3 SSID for secure, separate guest, employee, admin networks, WPA3 authentication, the ideal network configuration for SMBs for security and manageability.

EASY MANAGEMENT – built for easy installation with an easy and intuitive UI and setup wizard. No complicated wiring, professional installation, or added IT equipment costs.

FIVE ETHERNET GIGABIT PORTS - Connect wired devices like printers, gaming consoles, workstation, TV, or laptop to offload traffic from the WiFi and guarantee better performance for these devices.

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AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)
AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)

Home Office

Perfect for an extended home office at a distance from the main wireless router. Create a separate, secure wireless network for any single room area.

AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)

Temporary Meeting Locations

Setup temporary meetings in conference rooms or hotels -- wherever there is an Ethernet connection.

AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)

Dorm Room or Public Office Space

Bring secure, performance WiFi into short term locations.

AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)
AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)

Control Wireless Device Access

Supporting multiple SSIDs, the WAX204 delivers up to 3 separate and secure wireless networks to protect and manage device access.

AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)

Easy Setup Wizard

The NETGEAR setup wizard makes setup and configuration simple.

AX1800 Dual Band Access Point (WAX204)

Connect Wired Devices

Reduce WiFi congestion by connecting dedicated devices such as printers and computers to the four 1G Ethernet ports.